NIGRIR with HR logo until 2022

The Institute received a positive opinion of EU Experts in July 2019. Thanks to the adopted HRS4R strategy, the Institute retains the right to use the HR excellence in Research logo and the place among international research centres. The activities aimed at improving the conditions of the Institute, especially in the field of scientific and research development, confirmed by the high evaluation of the employees (63%) concerning the exchange of research ideas at congresses and scientific meetings, were appreciated.

The external experts emphasized the significant dynamics of changes at the Institute since the beginning of 2019. It was important to introduce internal anti-mobbing procedures and to be fully ready to introduce high standards of the quality of research work. In the next stage, a working group will be established to prepare NIGRiR for the next evaluation. The highest scores were given to the didactic and scientific area.

„The HR excellence in Research distinction has an impact on the perception of the Institute’s research work and cooperation with centres outside the region. It gives the opportunity to conduct scientific projects within the framework of national and international competitions, in accordance with the applicable European standards. This is a special distinction for us, which inspires us to make further changes that are conducive to the development of our facility” – comments Agnieszka Paradowska-Gorycka, Director for Scientific Research, Prof. NIGRiR.