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Reviewers of the Journal Rheumatologia/Rheumatology


List of Reviewers 2022 (pdf)

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Editorial panel:


The role of a reviewer


Manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are subject to reviewer evaluation. The editors select the reviewer, guided by the subject matter presented in the article submitted for publication. A reviewer is a person whose competence in a given field is attested by scientific achievements. He or she is independent of the author of the reviewed paper and is not dependent on the editorial board of the journal.

A Reviewer may refuse to prepare a review if:

  • the subject matter of the article in his/her opinion exceeds his/her subject matter expertise,
  • he/she does not have the time necessary to prepare the review,
  • there is a conflict of interest with the editorial board of the journal or the author of the reviewed paper.

The review should include:

  • the conclusion of the overall assessment of the work,
  • substantive assessment of the work,
  • legitimacy of the subject of the paper,
  • assessment of the correctness of the statistical methods applied, concluding remarks.

The Reviewers’ recommendations are presented to the author in written form. The review procedure is carried out in accordance with the principles of confidentiality.