NEW Research Topic : Immunology – Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Disorders

Opublikowano 14 grudnia 2020, 12:34

NEW Research Topic by Msc, PhD Agnieszka Paradowska-Gorycka, prof. NIGRiR, just launhed!

Msc, PhD Agnieszka Paradowska-Gorycka Mr. Parowska strongly invites you to cooperation within the framework of her project: Regulators of Immune System Function in Autoimmunity and Aging – Molecular and Cellular Research.

Fundamental biological processes of autoimmunity and aging, including dysregulated immune susceptible factors and environmental factors underlie the risk for the onset of multiple age-related diseases as well as tissue and organ damage. The etiology of both theses processes remains incompletely understood, although it is well accepted that they are attributed to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. More recently, a role for inherited epigenetic changes has also been demonstrated. Epigenetic mechanisms may serve as a dynamic link between the environment, genotype and phenotype.

Side effects may vary between individuals due to innate differences in genetic/epigenetic makeup. For this reason, it is very important to find which inter-individual genetic as well as epigenetic variants regulate individual immunological factors. The interaction between genetic/epigenetic modifications and key immunological factors is a critical area of research and may provide potential therapeutic targets for autoimmune and age-related diseases.

Keywords: autoimmunity, aging, immune factors, signaling pathways, genetics, epigenetics

More about the topic web page can be found: (otwórz)


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