Starta - Gerontologia
The Institute is specialized in researching aging processes as part of the interdisciplinary science gerontology. The conducted studies focus on different fields, like sociology, demography, psychology and medicine. Gerontological research at the Institute is conducted through the Gerontology and Public Health Department, which is:

  1. researching aging processes and public health, w including:
    a. analyzing human aging and its medical and social consequencesb. conducting scientific, epidemiological, sociological and statistical research, cooperating in this field with national and foreign research centers

    c. developing projects of health care activities related to combating diseases basing on statistical data and  research results

    d. drawing up expertise to be used by the Director, the Scientific Council and the Health Ministry

    e. developing proposals for health programs and implementing programs addressed to the elderly

    f. developing strategies for preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases of old age

    g. developing a health education program adapted to the needs of various social groups, especially the elderly

    h. communicating scientific achievements in the field of gerontology and public health in form of implementation proposals to be used in practice

  1. cooperating with the Education Department in terms of organizing postgraduate, specialization and improvement trainings on gerontology and public health.