Geriatrics is a medical field treated by the Institute’s doctors and researchers in a comprehensive manner. Patients over the age of 60 may have any neuroorthopedic, oncological, general and oncological surgeries performed, cardiac, diabetic, gastroenterological diseases and diseases related to psychology of old age diagnosed and treated. The Institute also performs studies in the field of geriatrics, develops guidelines and trains specialists in this field. The geriatric care is based on the work of the Geriatrics Clinic and Polyclinic, which is:


  1. researching elderly diseases, including complex medical problems, so called multi diseases;
  2. researching the prevention of diseases of old age;
  3. diagnosing, treating and consulting on diseases of old age;
  4. educating in form of pre- and postgraduate trainings;
  5. cooperating on studies with other Clinics and Departments of the Institute as well as with research centers from outside of the Institute;
  6. developing medical standards and guidelines;
  7. developing, analyzing, evaluating and implementing new medical technologies and treatment methods, including new medical procedures and developing and disseminating methods for the evaluation of medical technologies;
  8. disseminating results of R&D, including being a scientific information center;
  9. providing research services and drawing up expertise and opinions in the field of R&D;
  10. cooperating in the field of specialist supervision.