Doctoral procedure

 New Doctoral procedure

On the 1th of October , the doctoral student training begins on a new basis. The Scientific Council established in national Institute of Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation (NIGRiR), which is responsible for all stages of the procedure for the award of a doctoral degree, will be competent in the field of awarding degrees. (Act of 20 July 2018 and provisions included in the resolution of the Scientific Council on the principles of conducting proceedings for the award of the academic degree of doctor as of 1 October 2019).




Ministry of Science and Higher Education

The Ministry deals with issues connected with students, universities and scientists. It pursues a policy in the area of science and higher education in Poland and supports the development of Polish universities, research institutes and scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The scientific community – agencies such as the National Science Centre, the National Centre for Research and Development and Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange – co-decide on the distribution of funds for science. (see more)

Constitution for Science

The Constitution for Science organizes the entire system of higher education and science in Poland. It creates the conditions for scientific and didactic excellence, ensures sustainable development of academic centres across the country, introduces doctoral schools and gives universities appropriate tools necessary for effective management. (read more)

  • Act of 3 July 2018. – Regulations implementing the Act – Law on Higher Education and Science:(download)
  • Act of 20 July 2018. – Law on Higher Education and Science: (download)

The scientific community

  • the National Science Centre (see more)
  • the National Centre for Research and Development (see more)
  • Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (see more)

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