Trainings organized by the Editorial Office of the magazine Reumatologia and the Educational Department of the Rheumatology Institute:

  • On 18–19th November 2020 on-line course on writing scientific articles – “Good practices in the writing”, presented by the experienced editor of the Rheumatology International scientific journal – Armen Yuri Gasparyan.
  • On 7–8th June 2019 training for researchers – “Workshop on Good Medical Writing”.
  • On 29–30th January 2015 training for national researchers of rheumatology centers – “Medical Writing and Statistics”.
  • On 5–6th June 2014 training for researchers of the Rheumatology Institute – “Medical Writing and Statistics”.
  • On 30–31st January 2014 workshops for researchers of the Rheumatology Institute – “Good Medical Writing”, conducted by the Editor in Chief of Rheumatology (Oxford) Prof. Robert J. Moots.