Therapeutic Committee


Committee Chairwoman:

dr hab. n. med. Brygida Kwiatkowska, Associate Prof. of the National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute


Deputy Chairwoman:

mgr farm. Joanna Stępień-Jurkowska, Pharmacy Manager


Committee members:

lek. Barbara Skrobot, President of the Infection Control Team


Clinic representatives – members:

dr hab. n. med. Marzena Olesińska, Associate Prof. of the National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute, Systemic Connective Tissue Diseases Clinic and Polyclinic;

dr hab. n. med. Robert Gasik, Associate Prof. of the National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute, Neuroorthopedics Clinic and Polyclinic;

prof. dr hab. n. med. Tomasz Targowski, Geriatrics Clinic and Polyclinic;

dr n. med. Ewa Stanisławska-Biernat, Rheumatology Clinic and Polyclinic with a Geriatrics Subunit;

dr n. med. Iwona Słowińska, Rheumaorthopedics Clinic and Polyclinic;

dr n. med. Piotr Gietka, Developmental Age Rheumatology Clinic and Polyclinic;

lek. Maria Maślińska, Early Arthritis Clinic,


Tasks of the appointed committee:

  1. developing the Hospital Formulary;
  2. periodic analysis and updates of the Hospital Formulary, at least once a year;
  3. expressing opinions on applications of doctors for adding and deleting drugs from the Hospital Formulary;
  4. updating pharmacy procedures and instructions and supervising their use, inter alia:
    a) rules for the use of non-formulary drugs,
    b) rules for obtaining drugs in case of emergency;
  5. periodic analysis of adverse drug effects, at least once every 6 months;
  6. implementing and supervising a rational antibiotic policy:
    a) determining a list of hospital antibiotics, the mode of ordering them and the rules for their use,
    b) monitoring the amount and the accuracy of prescribing antibiotics (in particular the identification of irrational and wrong use of antibiotics),
    c) developing and implementing a procedure for the prevention of surgical site infections,
    d) presenting conclusions of the program for a rational antibiotic policy at least once every 6 months,
    e) conducting regular training for the medical personnel on the principles of antibiotic therapy;

Meetings of the Therapeutic Committee take place at least once per quarter.

The meetings of the Therapeutic Committee are recorded. The documentation on the activities of the Committee is to be stored by the Chairman of the Committee.


Secretariat of the Therapeutic Committee
E-mail address:
Phone: (+48)22844-30-82