Submitted papers will be reviewed. The editorial office will choose the reviewer guided by the subject of the submitted article. A reviewer is a person, whose competences in a given field are certified by scientific achievements. He/she is independent of the author of the reviewed paper and independent of the editorial office.

A reviewer may refuse to draw up a review if:

  • a) he/she thinks that the subject of the article is beyond his/her substantive knowledge,
  • b) he/she doesn’t have the time to draw up a review,
  • c) there is a conflict of interests with the editorial office or the author of the reviewed paper.

A review should contain the following:

  • a) a conclusion on the overall evaluation of the paper,
  • b) a substantive evaluation of the paper,
  • c) an opinion on whether writing on the given subject is justified,
  • d) an evaluation of the correctness of the statistical methods used,
  • e) final remarks.

The recommendations of the reviewer will be presented to the author in writing. The reviewing process is confidential.