EMG Laboratory











Head of the EMG Laboratory: lek. med. Joanna Perzyńska-Mazan – neurologist
Technician: Justyna Nadolska


The EMG Laboratory is equipped in the most modern EMG-device on the market – Nihon Koden Neuropack X1, on which neurographic examinations (ENG) are being performed – nerve conduction examination and electromyography (examination of the muscles using a needle electrode).


The EMG Laboratory is carrying out diagnostic examination covering:

  • differentiation of the peripheral neurogenic damage and myogenic damage
  • neuromuscular junction diseases: myasthenia, myasthenia syndromes
  • muscle diseases (congenital myopathy, myodystrophy, myotonia, polymyositis, dermatopolymyositis, other types of muscle damage)
  • nerve damage of various etiology (congenital and acquired polyneuropatia, peripheral nerves compression syndromes, posttraumatic peripheral nerves damage)
  • differentiation between front corner cells damage and nerve roots or plexus damage
  • diseases of the moving unit leading to spasms and muscle stiffness (tetany, neuromyotonia, generalized stiffness syndrome)