Editorial office of Acta Historiae Medicinae

„Acta Historiae Medicinae – Journal of History of Medicine, Ethics and Deontology” (Acta Historiae Medicinae / AHM)


Propozycja_okladki_zaslepkaEditor in Chief:

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Iwona Sudoł-Szopińska (Scientific Affairs Director, Head of the Radiology Department of the National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute and Professor at the Diagnostic Imaging Department of the 2. Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw)

Deputy Editor in Chief:
Prof. dr hab. n. med. Edward Towpik (Director of the Museum of Medical History of the Medical University of Warsaw)

The idea of the magazine „Acta Historiae Medicinae” is: spreading knowledge about medical and deontology history, especially related to Middle and East Europe and the activities of researchers, doctors and social workers from these areas.

The goal of the magazine is publishing current original papers and reviews related to medical history and reminding of outstanding doctors, who seem to vanish in today’s literature. It is also planned to publish features on certain researchers and drawing up bibliographies and materials enriching Polish and foreign medical legacy. Another aim of the magazine is the promotion of knowledge on medical and deontology history of Middle and East Europe within the international scientific society and occurring in mainstream historical reflection, not only through the reliability of the published articles, but also through the Internet and the Open Access license of the magazine and by publishing in English. We also plan to implement a new form of reviewing – through a blog with restricted access, where reviewers may comment the submitted manuscripts. This form of reviewing scientific papers meets the requirements of the methodology of scientific magazines and animates medical historians to take on initiative. The editorial office also cares about:

  • promoting the meaning of Polish doctors for the development of medicine – profiles section
  • promoting institutions from Middle and East Europe impacting the development of medicine and health prophylaxis – intermedica section
  • promoting issues uniting not only the scientific identity, but also the humanistic one (e.g. related to Lviv medicine in Wrocław, Polish doctors in tsarist Russia, Polish doctors on war fronts around the world, doctors known all over the world working in Poland).