Acting Head: dr hab. n. med. Robert Olszewski, prof. NIGRiR


Team: dr n. o zdr. Anna Kłak (adiunkt), dr n. o zdr. Jakub Owoc (adiunkt), mgr Małgorzata Mańczak (asystent), dr hab. n. med. Krzysztof Jeziorski, mgr Jolanta Grygielska, tech. ekonom. Sylwia Ostrowska, Monika Dąbrowska,  mgr. inż.  Justyna Obiała, mgr Karolina Obiała, mgr Paweł Zegarow, mgr Ewelina Ejchman-Pac


Main tasks:

1) researching topics related to aging and public health, including:

  • analyzing human aging and its medical and social consequences
  • carrying out scientific, epidemiological, sociological and statistical studies, cooperating with research centers from Poland and abroad,
  • developing projects on health care activities related to combating diseases based on statistical data and study results,
  • drawing up expertise to be used by the Director, the Scientific Council and the Health Ministry,
  • developing proposals of health programs and the implementation of programs addressed to the elderly,
  • developing strategies for preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases of old age,
  • developing health education programs adapted to the needs of different social groups, especially the elderly,
  • forwarding scientific achievements in gerontology and public health in the form of implementation proposals for practical application,

2) coordinating pre- and postgraduate education activities of the National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute, including:

  • contacting universities cooperating with the Institute in the field of educational activities for students of those universities
  • organizing specialization and improvement courses carried out at the Institute as a part of the agreement with the Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (keeping records, preparing agreements, settling up, corresponding)
  • updating the accreditation of the National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute as a unit offering specialization teaching;
  • organizational support of specialization exams in rheumatology and medical rehabilitation in spring and autumn
  • organizing educational activities for students at the Institute (keeping records, preparing agreements, settling up, corresponding)
  • organizing specialization internships and internships in given medical fields for doctors as well as internships for students at the Institute (keeping records, preparing agreements, corresponding)
  • contacting medical facilities on preparing and signing interhospital agreements on carrying out trainings (keeping records and corresponding)



Gerontology, Public Health and Education Department
Spartańska street 1
02-637 Warsaw
phone: +48 22 67 09 251

phone: +48 22 67 09 228